How Great Is Our God- OUR SON AARON

I had been praying for a baby. When he was conceived, I offered him to Our Lady for her special protection. Early into the first trimester of my pregnancy- a scan was taken which indicated a very high risk of mental and intellectual disability. It was also quite likely that my baby would not live more than a year after his birth!  The doctors encouraged us to consider terminating the pregnancy but, we were determined to keep the child the Lord was giving us. So we prayed to Our Lady for help. She must have interceded for us before the throne of grace. Subsequent testing proved that there was no such problem with our baby.

Aaron was born 13 weeks premature and had a tracheostomy when he was 4 months due to an airway blockage. He also had multiple neonatal problems. Everything looked bleak but we trusted in the Lord and prayed to Him for our child. God brought us to the Holy Family Church through the help of a friend. We met Fr. Varghese, who visited and prayed over him in hospital. Though he assured us that our child would be well, we were skeptical of his survival.

During Aaron’s seventh month in the hospital, his condition became critical. Due to difficulty in breathing, he was put on a humidifier and ventilator. Aaron was in the care of respiratory specialists who were unable to diagnose his breathing difficulty.

My mind was often in turmoil unable even to pray. On one such day, Fr. Thomas came to visit us. He comforted me and prayed over Aaron. The next day a trachea specialist nurse, visited Aaron in hospital. Through her efforts, the ENT specialists agreed to do a scan of Aaron’s airway. It showed a growth to be the cause of Aaron’s breathing difficulty! A longer tube was inserted into Aaron’s windpipe and the breathing problem was no more! How quickly our God answered the prayer of his priest! God be praised!

After nine months in the hospital, Aaron was discharged and he was to remain isolated from all but the immediate family. Shortly after Aaron was discharged from Princess Margaret Children’s Hospital, he needed constant monitoring. Any significant change and Aaron had to be rushed to the hospital. I was exhausted. One day Aaron was fighting restlessly with me all day. I was covered in vomit, had a splitting headache, and longed for a wash. There was no one to relieve me. Through my tears I asked the Lord, “Have you also abandoned me?” No sooner had those words left me when there was a knock on the door. There before me stood two Sisters of Charity, wanting to know how they might be of help! One of them took Aaron, placed him in her lap, and began to feed him lovingly whilst I refreshed myself. I knew then that God was there for me.

When Aaron was two years old, in December 2012, he successfully endured major surgery to reconstruct his airway but we were warned that his voice may be compromised. By the end of October 2013 the cannula inserted in his windpipe was removed and Aaron started to breathe like a normal child. Soon after, he started to speak and by the grace of God his voice is clear and good.

We are deeply indebted to many for their prayers for Aaron’s healing. Many more supported us with their good wishes and prayers. To all of them, we are most grateful. We are also deeply grateful to all the Vincentian priests and Fr. Benny for their unfailing encouragement and prayers. We remember with gratitude the invaluable support of the Missionaries of Charity Sisters. Aaron is now running around a healthy, intelligent child! Thank you Jesus! Praise you Jesus! Amen.

Shyji Francis Puthuppallil (Perth)

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