You are Mine - My Conversion Journey

As a teenager I drifted from my church and I manipulated God in order to justify my sins.

In my late twenties I married a Catholic girl and was blessed with two lovely children. Most Sundays I would accompany my family to attend Mass as an obligation to please God and to receive his blessing for my family. My quest was for success -I figured the solution to all of our problems and needs was Money and Power. By my lifestyle, I indirectly instilled these tainted secular values onto my children.

In 2008, we met the Vincentian Fathers as they had just set up their order here in Perth. I recalled our very first dinner gathering with them. When we gathered to pray and to thank God for the wonderful evening Fr. Varghese invited me to participate in the music ministry that week. I accepted not knowing what is involved. That Friday in 2008 was the start of my relationship with God in the Catholic Faith and His Church.

I found the Friday healing service, a time for an intimate journey with Our Merciful God. As the anointed Vincentian Fathers invoked the Holy Spirit, I yearned for God and opened my heart, mind, soul, and spirit; becoming completely immersed in the Lord’s presence. Each week I experienced inner healing, repentance, deliverance, physical healing and forgiveness

I thank the Lord for the opportunity to consecrate myself to Him and for the gift of the Vincentian fathers in my life. Their teachings are always supported and referenced to the Holy  Bible and teaching of the church. I am touched by their diligence including their care for the sick and dying. With time, through my commitment to attend Sunday Mass and the Friday healing service, I have begun to understand and appreciate the Sacraments and the sacramentals. The rich practice and rituals of the Catholic Church now make sense to me.

After all those restless years, I have now found inner peace, a peace that the world and its allures cannot give. Now, I realize that I was called to the Catholic faith before I chose to be a Catholic. I received the Sacraments of Confirmation, Reconciliation and Holy Eucharist on 31st May 2009, a year and a half after meeting the Vincentian Fathers.  I would like to thank my wife who had been praying for me to become a Catholic ever since we got married. I am so grateful to the Vincentian Fathers for their great impact on my spiritual journey and their work of evangelizing. May God continue to bless their ministry here in Australia and in many other countries.

Michael Chew, (Perth)

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