Change my Heart O God: Transformed by Love

I arrived in Perth, intending to help my son, who had recently moved here from Adelaide, for 3 months. Although I was praying and trying to help others, I felt myself sinking into a very dark place- thinking negatively and immersed in resentment and bitterness. My daughter came down from Sweden for a break but, I was at my lowest point. She was shocked at my mental state and disappointed that I was not able to provide the support that she needed.

One Saturday morning, as it was pouring, I could not walk to church for mass. I requested a lift from one of the ladies who informed me that she was attending a half-day retreat at Maddington with a friend and invited me to join them. I just wanted to be anywhere other than where I was, so I said “Why not?”

When we arrived at the Holy Family Church, everyone was gathered around the statue of Our Lady at the front of the altar to recite the rosary. Later, as we stepped back into one of the pews I realized that I was right in front (something which was out of character for me) and the priest started praying “Halleluiah! Praise the Lord! Everyone raise your right hand. Praise Jesus! ”I thought, “Oh for goodness sake, where the heck have I come? What have I got myself into?” The realization that I was going to be stuck there for a few hours irritated me even more.

The priest continued praying relentlessly and praising God. He was praying for healing and to my surprise he would pray for whatever prayer I was thinking. He then prayed for healing from allergies—this I took on board. I had suffered from allergies for 30 years, so I joined in sarcastically “yeah that’s a good one God. Free people from their allergies.”

Two weeks later, I had a filo pastry served with carrot and alfalfa, which I was highly allergic to. I tried a mouthful and surprisingly I had absolutely no reaction. That same evening, I tried a slice of apple—delicious—and NO reaction! I realized then that God had healed me. I am now able to enjoy all the fruit and vegetables I had been allergic to for 30 years.

My daughter had shortened her visit and returned to Sweden after 3 weeks. So much had happened in our lives that it was exhausting to be in each other’s company. I was prompted to sign up for the 3- day Inner Healing Retreat. All I can say is I wish I had attended it before my daughter’s visit. I thought I had forgiven and been forgiven previously. How wrong I was, but I was healed of these inner wounds at the retreat. I am a new person!

My family commented that I looked as though I had fallen in love. I had –with the word of God. Scripture took on a new meaning for me. I also discovered that I was healed of my ‘chiropractic’ pain. It was as though I had a new body. When my chiropractor was told of my healing at the retreat, she advised me to continue whatever I was doing because it was working. Needless to say, I continued attending the Friday healing services and half-day retreats at Holy Family Parish, Maddington…

At my last healing service before leaving Perth, Fr. Varghese said that a woman’s right hand was healed of a skin condition. I claimed it. The eczema on my right hand had cleared up. The very hand that I found so difficult to raise on my first visit now shot up in the air in thanksgiving.

Praise you Jesus! Hallelujah! …

Catherine McLaughlin (Scotland)

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