Friday Healing Services

This is held every Friday at the Holy Family Parish Maddington with Holy Mass and Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament.

Friday evening programme:
6.00 pm Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament
6.30 pm Rosary
6:30 pm Stations of the Cross (during Lent)
7:00 pm Praise and Worship
7.30 pm Healing Mass followed by Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament
All healing Masses are followed by fellowship.

Inner Healing Live-In Retreats

The Retreat Centre conducts numerous Live-In retreats for both local and international retreatants. The retreat allows participants to experience the unconditional love of God through Inner-Healing sessions. Come and be touched by God’s grace and be freed and empowered to live your Christian lives with freedom and zeal.

Other Retreats

In addition, retreats focusing on Students’ faith formation, on Divine Mercy, etc are also held at the Retreat Centre. The Students’ Retreat focuses on the faith formation of the Catholic students and how they can live out their Christian mission in a secular world. Other programmes like Couples Retreat are also held to strengthen the sacrament of Holy Matrimony between married couples and help them to renew their faith and commitment to their marriages.

Outreach Programmes

Fr Varghese Parackal VC, Director of the Vincentian Retreat Centre, has travelled extensively and especially to South East Asia to conduct Life In the Spirit Seminars; Inner Healing Retreats; Parish Renewal Retreats, etc to spread the Good News to the faithful. These Outreach Programmes are very well received and are focused on bringing the faithful together to listen to the Word of God and how they can live out their Christian faith in their daily lives with Hope and Joy.

Live-In Retreat

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i) 3- Day Live-in Retreat conducted on a monthly basis

ii) 3-Day Live-In Retreat for students conducted 4 times annually

iii) 4- Day Live-In Retreat + 2-Day sightseeing trip for International Retreatants

Our Retreats focus on a range of topics /themes:

  • Inner Healing
  • Pentecost Retreat
  • Family Healing
  • Marian Retreat
  • Growth Retreat


a. Tuesday Weekly Intercessory Prayers:
10 am-12 pm
(Holy Mass, Rosary and Adoration)

b. 1st Saturday Monthly Half-Day Retreat:
9 am-1.30 pm
(Praise & Worship, Holy Mass, Preaching and Adoration)

Spiritual Counselling

Our priests will be available to listen to you, provide guidance, or listen to confession. Please call the Retreat Centre to make an appointment to make sure that the priests are available before you come