Half Day Retreat: Every first Saturday of the month
Venue: Holy Family Parish, 34 Alcoc ngton WA
Time: 9:00am -1:30pm

Live-in Retreats

09-11 June 2023  Inner Healing Retreat
23-25 June 2023 Inner Healing Retreat
14-16 July 2023 Students Retreat: Yrs 7 -12 ($150 per student)
11-13 August 2023 Marian Retreat
(Let us spend time with our Blessed Mother in prayer)
25-27 August 2023 Inner Healing Retreat
08-10 September 2023 Growth Retreat
(A retreat for growth in the gifts and charisms of the Holy Spirit)
22-24 September 2023 Family Healing Retreat
(Attend as couples or family with children)
20-22 October 2023 Eucharistic Healing Retreat
10-12 November 2023 Emmaus Retreat
(A journey into discipleship)
01-03 December 2023 Inner Healing Retreat

Monthly 3 Day Live-in Retreat

Live-in Retreat for 3 days are held every month and are focused on different topics like:
• Inner Healing
• Pentecost Retreat
• Family Healing
• Marian Retreat
• Growth Retreat
3 Day Live-in Retreat for Students: Four times a year
5 Day Live-in Retreat + 2 days of sightseeing for International Pilgrims